Ready for kitchen cabinets!

The inside of the entire house has been painted! Well, except for the bathrooms, which are my job. Last week we went from bare walls with tape and mud on them to textured, painted walls. Well. There’s another except thing…

Before painting began, I was told to get ten gallons of paint to start with. Didn’t seem like much, but you have to start somewhere, right? Holy cow! Have you painted anything recently? That ten gallons of paint cost $500! Talk about sticker shock! Can’t move forward without paint, though, so here we go. Our painter ran out of that without too much trouble, so I was sent over to the paint store to get five more gallons. Oh ha ha ha. Yeah. Last Friday was fun. Our local store was out of paint. Have you ever heard of such a thing? A paint store without their most common paint base? Anyway, the closest store with the paint in stock is in Vancouver, so off I went. The store is half an hour away from home, so I enjoyed a nice little drive, picked up the paint, and dropped it off at our house. That was early afternoon. At about 4 pm Dave texted me. We were out of paint. Again? Already? Well, I wasn’t driving to Vancouver again on Friday, not at that hour (the longer I live up here the less patience I have for traffic). We fetched the paint on Saturday, so all was well. The last of the painting was done on Monday morning, fairly early.

And here we are! The rest of Monday we worked at cleaning up the debris left from hanging rock, mudding it, etc. We concentrated our initial efforts in the kitchen, to be ready for the cabinet installer. Dave also re-staged all the boxes with the cabinets in them, so that they’re easy to get to.

Boxes staged for easier access.

In case you’re wondering, I bought a total of 20 gallons of paint for the whole house (excluding bathrooms). Most of our ceilings are cedar, so no paint there. Our painter used an airless sprayer, which covers well with less paint, and is super fast.

When will our cabinets be installed, you ask? That’s a very good question. We were going to try to aim for Thursday or Friday this week. Then a tree fell on the installer’s house! Luckily, everyone is apparently just fine, but instead of installing cabinets, the guy is trying to get an electrician out to his house, as the tree took out the power line. Obviously no idea how long he’s going to be sidetracked getting things fixed at home, or stable anyway. Keep your fingers crossed. With any luck at all the next time I post will be soon, and it’ll include our beautiful cabinets installed in the kitchen.

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